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Di Gojim and klezmer

The klezmer orchestra Di Gojim was formed in 1988. Six young enthusiastic musicians immersed themselves in the then-unkown Yiddish klezmer music. This music was a mixture of Eastern-European folk styles, gypsy music and Jewish music. The story of Jewish people in the diaspora echoes in this unique genre. Grief, joy and humor sign the songs and dances. Joy never without a melancholic undertone and grief never without a spark of humor. Klezmer music has in all times and all places adapted to the environment where it was played. In Poland the klezmer musicians performed for the gentry and in Romania for local villagers. Thus they took over melodies and styles out of other cultures and incorporated it in their own music. Along with the emigration to America changed the music. "Jazzy" elements, circus music and show styles became part of the repertoire of the klezmer musician. Di Gojim doesn't only master this style, but created with the spirit of klezmer a whole sub-genre of their own. Modern time and place affected the music. Writers like Ivo de Wijs en Herman Pieter de Boer were inspired by Yiddish and Eastern-European folk music. And thus a new wave of klezmer was risen, contemporary and less drowned in nostalgia. With this new crossover Di Gojim storms the theaters. The shows "Oostenwind", "Ergens", "De Muur" and the anniversary show "15 Jaar" were performed in all of the Netherland's big theatres. Klezmer was playfully exposed to children with 'family shows' as "Brandwein Brider" and "De WegWeg". Nevertheless, Di Gojim stays true to traditional klezmer and 'blasts' at private parties, weddings and other occasions.